Who we are

We are a group of early FUSION supporters and stakeholders who firmly believe in the vision of decentralized finance and the groundbreaking technology of FUSION and DCRM.

Mission statement Core values Why trust us
FUSION's success is our success, and vice versa. We want to help enable the community to participate in the network, as well as build on FUSION to foster its adoption. We are motivated and optimistic about FUSION's future, reliable, open-minded, committed to our projects, consistent in our views and independent of other organizations. We've demonstrated our perseverance since FUSION's inception, and we're here to stay. But the actual answer is: don't trust anyone. Get involved, learn and verify.

Meet the team



Born in 1962, living in Ireland.
Ph.D., former engineer and physicist in marine and oceanography in the public and private sector. Specialized in supercomputer based numerical modelling of the ocean through his own company.
Moderator FUSION developer group.

"Innovative ideas built as new applications will be the life blood of FUSION. We’ll help build a vibrant ecosystem and encourage bright talents to join our community. By creating new decentralized and secure financial software products, people will be empowered to control their own finances and build prosperous and sustainable communities. DeFi will level the playing field to achieve this - no matter where you live, independent of governments."



Born in 1982, living in Germany.
High school dropout, maverick, troubleshooter. Specialized in system architecture, data security and privacy at a commissioned data processing and accounting company for the public and private sector.
Moderator CMC community.

"Traditional financial systems are fading. Monetary policies are on the verge of collapse. My daughter will live in a world of zero interest and infinite money supply. The democratization of finance is a logical consequence of what started with the internet. Like in the 2000s, blockchain is still in its infancy, and we can be part of this emerging trend. FUSION is custom-tailored to the purpose of decentralized finance and will be a market leader."



Born in 1963, living in the US.
MBA, M.Sc.s in computer engineering and digital communications. Retired cryptologist, high-level leadership within US intelligence agencies, concluded his second career as an executive with a major DoD contractor.
Managing partner to a VC firm.

“I have seen the interworking of many governments throughout the world. I have experienced the effects of monetary corruption due to centralized control and dysfunction. I firmly believe that a truly autonomous decentralized financial system is an important step towards achieving global financial harmony for future generations.”